Our History

Velddrif is a small town located in the scenic West Coast of South Africa.

In June 1987, Berg River Disabled opened its doors at St. Christopher's Church in Laaiplek to offer a work and training environment for persons with disabilities.

They were soon able to acquire their own premises at 34 Church Street, Velddrif, with help from the municipality and various donors.

The name changed to Bethesda Workshop for the Physically Disabled and was registered as a non-profit organisation (NPO).

Today it is known as the Bergrivier Association for Persons with Disabilities (Bergrivier APD).

Bergrivier APD is so named because of the large river called the Bergriver (i.e. "Mountain River" or 'Bergrivier' in the local tongue Afrikaans) runs through Velddrif and ends in the small fishing village of Laaiplek located next to Velddrif.

Velddrif's economy is largely dependent upon pelagic fishing. As the fishing stocks are now dwindling, Bergrivier APD enjoys limited support from the community.

Please make a donation!

Every amount, however small, helps enormously in assisting the physically disabled people of the Bergrivier community to be trained, work and become self-supporting and grow confidence.

We install a sense of pride and purpose in our members.
The mission statement of APD Bergrivier, West Coast, South Africa
Velddrif and the Bergrivier APD organization
Velddrif is a fishing village in South Africa
The building of APD West Coast - creating job opportunities for the physically disabled of the local communities
Pic 1Crafter at work with the Bethesda project